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Green Health has been widely recognised by other experts and the wider community in Hong Kong.

Remarkable Improvement for my Stress and Insomnia

After seeking treatment from Professor CF Chow and following his prescription tailored for my condition, I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my overall well-being. I have successfully overcome the challenges of stress, insomnia, and anxiety that I used to suffer from. I am genuinely grateful to Professor Chow for his expert guidance and support throughout my healing journey.
Ms. Cheng

Practical and Compassionate Care for My Skin

I had severe psoriasis around my neck, causing constant itching and visible rashes. It was incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing to go out in public. After receiving treatment at this clinic, my psoriasis disappeared. The fast and effective treatment provided by Professor CF Chow and his team has been life-changing. I am incredibly thankful for the remarkable transformation. I highly recommend this clinic for its practical solutions and compassionate care.
Mr Chan


When should Chinese medicine be taken?

It is recommended to take Chinese medicine after breakfast and dinner, twice a day.

What should I do with Chinese medicine if I need to take Western medicine at the same time?

There should be an interval of two hours between taking Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Is there any way to make taking Chinese medicine more pleasant?

When preparing traditional Chinese medicine with warm water, you can add honey or glucose.